Website Designing

Describes the tasks of designing HTML driven web pages to be displayed over the World Wide Web.

Awsome designing attract you

Describes the tasks of designing HTML driven web pages to be displayed over the World Wide Web.

Web design encompasses a number of important elements including color, layout, and overall graphical appearance. Web designers consider the site's audience, function, and traffic to specific sections when deciding designs. Web design has become a very lucrative business as more and more companies create websites.

website design means planning, creation and updating of websites. Website design also involves information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout, colors, contrasts, fonts and imagery (photography) as well as icons design.

E-Commerce Site

Easy access for grahak to shopping on one stop.

E-Commerce Site Development

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce or e-comma, is the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.

Electronic commerce draws on such technologies as electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.Electronic commerce is generally considered to be the sales aspect of e-business.

It also consists of the exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspects of business transactions.

CMS Development

Now you can add unlimited pages in your site without any hassle.

CMS website Development

A content management system (CMS) is a computer system that allows publishing, editing, and modifying content as well as site maintenance from a central page.

It provides a collection of procedures used to manage workflow in a collaborative environment. These procedures can be manual or computer based.

In a CMS, data can be defined as nearly anything: documents, movies, text, pictures, phone numbers, scientific data, and so forth.

Static Website Designing

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Static Website Designing

A static website contains Web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded in HTML and displays the same information to every visitor.

Static sites are the most basic type of website and are the easiest to create.

Dynamic Website Development

Give your business to dynamic view with easy operate.

Dynamic Website Development

In the present scenario most of the business websites have Web Pages dynamically built so that user interaction could be made.

It’s usually required for online shopping carts and all. Dynamic sites are sites whose contents are stored in the database and the codes take out the stored database. Basic advantages of Dynamic websites are as under In Dynamic websites one can add and manage anything according to ones desire without anybody else’s help.

New pages and sections can also be added to the site Management time of the site can be changed Administrator can send emails to its visitors.

Joomla Site Development

Attractive designing and development of sites are identity of Joomla

Joomla website Development

Joomla is an open source content management system that allows you to build web sites and powerful online applications. This award-winning web site software contains easy-to-use features and it is freely available to everyone.

Joomla is written in PHP for managing content on the web and uses a MySQL database to store content. Joomla! is released under the GNU General Public License.

Mobile Application

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for low-power handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.

These applications can be pre-installed on phones during manufacturing, downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms, or delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing (e.g. JavaScript) to provide an "application-like" experience within a Web browser.

Each of the platforms for mobile applications also has an integrated development environment, which provides tools to allow a developer to write, test and deploy applications into the target platform environment.

Domain Booking

Book unique name or identity for your business with different awsome TLD

Book Your Domain

We provide storage space on a server for Web pages. We are reseller for various server space providers.

We do web hosting service. In this we host you website to a specific server at our own cost. We charge for the service provided but we do not charge for the server space in the first year. Renewal charges will be as same as booking server space.

To get a domain name for your web site you have to "register" it at a registry first. This is because for the Internet to work universally, there can only be one of each domain in the whole world. You can only register domains that aren't already taken by somebody else. We'll do it for you, and the cost can start as low

Responsive website

One good looking site adjust on different size of device

Responsive website Development

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).

Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically essential after all: one design for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook, Kindle — and all screen resolutions must be compatible, too.

Flexible images are also sized in relative units, so as to prevent them from displaying outside their containing element.

Wordpress Site Development

Blog based site development give you unlimted clicks on your business

Wordpress Website Development

Our WordPress themes are responsive, which means they will automatically adapt to mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Responsive web design (also known as RWD) is a web design approach that provides optimal viewing across a wide range of devices. One website can accommodate desktop computer monitors, tablets, and mobile phones. This saves you development time, as well as reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

All of our WordPress themes and full website development projects are built as child themes for the Genesis Framework. Over 100,000 WordPress users have trusted StudioPress and the Genesis Framework. We love it and we know you will too.Our projects help your website or blog rank higher in the search engines and make SEO tasks like meta definition and Google+ authorship a breeze.

Mail Server Booking

Business Mail gives you unique identity for do business

Business Mail Id

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